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for Scientific and Technological Cooperation with EU

Open calls

EraSME 13th call for proposals with deadline September 27, 2013

The 13th Call for proposals is open from June 10, 2013 with deadline September 27, 2013, noon.

Please note that the Deadline is kept strictly.

Proposals that arrive 12:01 pm can not be accepted for this call.

The participating countries/regions in this call are:

  • Austria (under condition of ministry decision)
  • Belgium-Flanders
  • Belgium-Wallonia
  • Czech Republic (only registered participants of potential program)
  • Germany
  • Russia

For your application the following documents are needed:

Guidelines for Applicants (pdf) — http://www.era-sme.net/era-sme/pdf/0_Guidelines_for_Applicants_13th_EraSME_call.pdf

EraSME Application Form completely filled out in English (exception for projects with partners only from Austria and Germany, in that case German language is accepted)

Application Form (pdf) — http://www.era-sme.net/era-sme/pdf/1_proposal_application_form_13th_EraSME_formular_pub.pdf

Draft Consortium Agreement (not signed!)

Example Consortium Agreement (pdf) — http://www.era-sme.net/era-sme/pdf/3_consortium_agreementproject_acronym.pdf

(This is an example only. It is only to show you what points have to be mentioned in a consortium agreement. Adapt it carefully to your project or use your own formulations.)

Submitted per email to f.richter@aif-projekt-gmbh.de


Complete national / regional application according to the corresponding program — http://www.era-sme.net/era-sme/members.html

Submitted to the funding agencies according to the national / regional program

Please Contact your Local Funding Agency!

Important new national rules:

Austria Consortia with Austrian partners have to include at least 4 companies of which at least 3 are SMEs (EC definition) of which at least one is from Austria.

Germany Besides SMEs by EC definition, also companies with up to 500 employees (in sum with all affiliated companies) are eligible for funding.

The call is organised and funded by national and regional ministries and agencies participating in EraSME through their existing funding programmes. Therefore it is important for all candidate project partners to consult in an early stage with their respective agencies during the preparation of the proposal to secure compliance with the applicable national and regional criteria.