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Competitive call for additional project partners in fp7 health project ‘ENCITE’


ENCITE - European Network for Cell Imaging and Tracking Expertise – is an IP project in FP7 Health. It consists of 21 partners from 10 countries with leading expertise in the field of cell imaging and is seeking new project partners to carry out certain tasks within the project.

ENCITE is launching a competitive call to incorporate new partners to carry out tasks in the following research fields:

A) Development of novel imaging techniques for cell tracking

B) Visualisation of the localisation of stem/ precursor cells in the spinal cord; Monitoring of changes in their functional state “in vivo” including differentiation

C) Development of novel reporter genes and generating reporter mice for in vivo imaging (iron protein transporter MRI reporters, magnetite synthesis MRI reporters)

D) Development of novel approaches for imaging cell death (extracellular MRI contrast agents for detection of cell death, endogenous contrast MRI markers of cell death)

E) Pre-clinical and/or clinical validation of novel imaging techniques for cell tracking in cardiovascular disease, in particular myocardial infarction (tracking of transplanted cells, assessment of myocardial regeneration)

F) Visualisation of cellular activity in cancer patients

G) Sequences for the visualization of SPIO labelled cells (pancreatic islets) transplanted to patients at clinical scanners

ENCITE is co-ordinated by the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research.


  • New imaging methods to improve the spatio-temporal tracking of labelled cells
  • Dual- and multimodality imaging procedures to cross-validate each individual approach
  • New contrast agents and procedures that will improve the sensitivity and specificity of cellular labelling
  • Combining of molecular biology for the generation of molecular and cellular imaging reporters with multimodal imaging techniques

The development of relevant imaging tools will lead to a better understanding of how cell therapy works, the possibility of response monitoring in patients and sufficient safety of the treatment.

Proposals should be in English and submitted electronically to:ehaas@eibir.org

Date of close of call: 25/03/2009

The full text version including guidelines for applicants can be downloaded at: