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The International Symposium “Ecology of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Areas”, Arkhangelsk — 6-10 June, 2010
Directions of the Symposium (plenary sessions): Monitoring of Arctic and Sub-Arctic environment; Chemistry and technology of natural compounds, analysis and the state of the environment; Geodynamical processes and their environmental effects; Seismic monitoring of Northern and Arctic seas; Radioactivity of the Northern areas; Biodiversity and state of the ecosystems of Northern areas; Nature protected areas and ecology of culture.
The Russian-German Forum on Biotechnology, Moscow, November 11-13
Russian National Contact Point on FP-TP 2 “Biotechnology, Agriculture, and Food” - Bio-NCP of Russia A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry RAS - and Zukunfts Agentur Brandenburg GmbH (ZAB) within the co-project ‘German-Russian Cooperation Network on Biotechnology’ implementation framework, will hold the Forum ‘Russia and Germany in the Common European Area. German-Russian Cooperation Network on Biotechnology’. Forum Aim - To create consortiums for joint participation in the 7th Framework Programme; to establish scientific, innovative, and business partnerships between the participants.
The IV All-Russian scientific conference "The Solovetsky archipelago Natural Environment Monitoring Problems"
Arkhangelsk, 8-11 December 2009
Third International Congress for Respiratory Support
Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Federation of Anaesthesiologists and Reanimatologists of Russia, Ministry of Health of Krasnoyarsk Region, Krasnoyarsk State Medical University n.a. professor V. Voyno-Yasenetsky and World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (WFSA) will conduct the “Third International Congress for Respiratory Support” in the period from 25 to 27 of August 2009
Networking Event in the field of water management and sanitation Europe - Africa - EECA (Eastern Europe and Central Asia)
Organizer: The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), German National Contact Points “Environment”. Venue: House of Research, Sensengasse 1, Vienna, Austria. The conference language is English. The participation is free of charge.
This Brokerage Event is organised in the framework of the FP7 IncoNet EECA project (S&T International Cooperation Network for East European and Central Asian Countries)
Information day on Call FP7-ENV-2010
The Infoday (including Brokerage Sessions), which takes place in Brussels, is for everyone interested in taking part in the Call FP7-ENV-2010
World Climate Conference-3 - Better climate information for a better future
The overarching theme of the Conference is "Climate prediction and information for decision-making: focusing on scientific advances in seasonal to inter-annual time-scales, taking into account multi-decadal prediction"
International Conference Megacities: Risk, Vulnerability and Sustainable development
The conference invites interdisciplinary contributions of worldwide regions from all fields of urban research such as: land use, social polarization, security, energy, water and sanitation, waste, mobility and transportation, air quality, health, food supply, economic productivity, climate, ecology
2nd German Environmental Sociology Summit - Reshaping Nature: Old Limits and New Possibilities
The German Sociological Society's Section on Environmental Sociology and the Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology at the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ are pleased to announce the Second German Environmental Sociology Summit in Leipzig (Germany) from November 5-7, 2009
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