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The Russian-German Forum on Biotechnology, Moscow, November 11-13

11 - 13 November 2009, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Russian National Contact Point on FP-TP 2 “Biotechnology, Agriculture, and Food” - Bio-NCP of Russia A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry RAS - and Zukunfts Agentur Brandenburg GmbH (ZAB) within the co-project ‘German-Russian Cooperation Network on Biotechnology’ implementation framework, will hold the Forum ‘Russia and Germany in the Common European Area. German-Russian Cooperation Network on Biotechnology’.

Forum Aim - To create consortiums for joint participation in the 7th Framework Programme; to establish scientific, innovative, and business partnerships between the participants for commercialization of technologies, organization of innovative industries, and promotion of competitive next generation biotechnological products to Russian and German markets, and identification of the best innovative projects in the field of biotechnology.

Forum Objectives:
The integration of innovative Russian Biology Science potential for solving both current problems within the Russian Biotechnological sector and the challenges of the global science intensive economy.
The creation of conditions for effective and mutually beneficial scientific and business contact-building between Russian and German partners in order to promote competitive next generation biotechnological products to Russian and German markets.
Attracting investment for the launch and effective implementation of innovative biotechnological projects.
Creating conditions to accelerate the international transfer of educational and scientific-industrial technologies in the field of living systems.

Forum Themes:
1. Co-project ‘German-Russian Cooperation Network on Biotechnology’: achievements, problems and perspectives.
2. Innovative clusters and technoparks - the basis of the Knowledge-based Bioeconomy 
3. Project Gate2RuBIN: Russia-Germany-the European Union
4. Integrated Biorefinary - new challenges and new opportunities
5. Technological platform “Industrial Biotechnology” (Russia) and Cluster Industrial Biotechnologie (CLIB) 2021 (Germany) - international cooperation in the Common European Area.
6. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft – a unique experience of co-operation and development.
7. Presentation of the project 7 FP BIO CIRCLE (Creating a CIRCLE by extending the BIO NCP network to Third Country NIPs).

Forum Programme:
Presentations: projects, organizations, and companies
Presentations of German biotechnological companies 
Exhibition of German biotechnological companies 
Business meetings

International Forum Target Audience:
Russian and foreign research teams and scientific organizations, and SMEs
Russian and foreign SMEs and companies operating in different fields of bioindustry
Russian and foreign SMEs and branch companies
Russian and foreign investment and financial structures
The Forum offers unique opportunities for biotechnological, pharmaceutical and energy companies, SMEs, research institutes, universities, and investors from Russia and Germany to meet, to get to know each other, to share ideas, and to discuss perspectives of development in biotechnology, bioindustry, bioenergy, bioeconomics, to discuss possible joint business projects, and to create consortiums for co-operative participation in the 7th Framework Programme.
The following are invited to participate in the Forum and the business programme:
Russian and German developers of biotechnologies, manufactures and consumers of biotechnological products, agro-industrial holding companies, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, distribution and marketing networks, mining companies, oil refiners, bioenergy companies, and potential investors.

Please be advised that the German participants can apply for financial support from the German side.

 Organization fee: €100

Contact information

Russian NCP on FP7 Program

Dr. Irina Sharova
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Dr. Irina Tverdislova
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Russian National Contact Point on EC FP7 Program,
«Biotechnology, Agriculture & Fisheries and Food»
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