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FP7 NMP/INCO Brokerage Event on materials


The event is directed to the most potential research organisations and enterprises from European Union and partnering IncoNet EECA Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries (EECA) (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbejdżan, Moldova, Belarus, and Georgia) interested in active participation in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

The main aim of the event is to bring together the skills and knowledge of the potential consortia members from the EU and EECA region and to present concrete project ideas for future successful proposals within NMP 2010 calls. The event will also create the opportunity to transfer the experience, expertise and contacts between successful Project coordinators from EU to EECA potential partners, who will have the chance to realize their ideas and scientific potential via Framework Programme.

Focusing on NMP theme within the FP7, the following specific research areas have been identified for this Brokerage Event:

  • Hybrid materials for electronic and photonic applications;
  • Bio- and chemosensing materials in health, safety and security applications;
  • Materials for energy applications, including energy thermo conversion and energy storage;
  • Nanocristalline materials with novel functionalities and tools for their development;
  • Nanomaterials characterization.

Organizers: NCP Poland, IPPT PAN and ETP EuMaT, within the projects: FP7 NMP-TeAm and FP7 IncoNet EECA

Date: 17-18 September 2009

Venue: Warsaw, Poland

Registration deadline - 10 August 2009

The registration for the FP7 NMP/INCO Brokerage Event is organized online. It is the first step to declare the interest in participating in the event and take the advantage of the opportunity to present new project ideas and/or match with suitable potential partners for future projects. To take part in the event, please:

  • Register online at the event website;
  • Match online with suitable partner(s) at the event website;
  • Wait for the final confirmation from the organizers.

Phone: +48 22 828 74 83
Fax: +48 22 828 53 70

Additional information could be found on the web-site - http://www.kpk.gov.pl/nmpbrokerage2009/