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War and Society: Interactions Between the Military and Civil Population - 06-07.04.2011, Viimsi — Estonia

Venue: Eesti Sõjamuuseum - Kindral Laidoneri Muuseum (Estonian War Museum - General Laidoner Museum), Mõisa tee 1, 74001 Viimsi, Estonia

Dates: 06.04.2011-07.04.2011

Wars have brought people closer to each other as well as made them enemies. To anyone who has participated in a war, it will last to the end of his life - memories of it shall not disappear. Throughout thousands of years, and especially during the past centuries, warfare has changed a lot. Military victories and defeats influence the identity of the country and nation, the demographic transitions caused by wars are reflected especially in the birth rates of small countries many generations ahead; grief because of the fallen and missing ones, troubles of the injured and the ones who have lost their health and the memories of the veterans all belong together with the society also during peace.

In its conference Estonian War Museum wishes to analyse the effect of war on the society. The objective is not a traditional operation-centred approach to military history, but an interdisciplinary approach to the links of war and society. How has war affected the non-combatant population in the course of time? How does war bring people closer and draw them apart? Which has been the attitude towards the war and army in the course of time?

Please send your application to present a paper, academic CV and a short summary of your presentation (~300 words) no later than on the 28 February 2011 by e-mail to the address conference@esm.ee

The presenters will be informed of the selecting of their papers on 10 March 2011.

The working language of the conference is English.

The presentations will be published as an academic publication.

The travel expenses and accommodation of the presenters will be covered by the organisers.

Additional information (Mart Lätte): conference@esm.ee.