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European identity and political challenges: old concept, new vision 2016




International Scientific Conference
«European identity and political challenges: old concept, new vision»

Voronezh, 5-7 July 2016

Nowadays we are observing the value-laden discord in the EU-Russia relations. One of the causes of this phenomenon is the lack of mutual understanding between the EU and non-EU countries about European identity and what it means “being a European”.

To analyse the phenomenon of European identity and to find the ways how to overcome contradictions in perception “to be European”, the International Scientific Conference European identity and political challenges: old concept, new visionwill be held at Voronezh State University from 5 to 7 July 2016.

The event is organised by Voronezh State University in association with the Government of Voronezh region in the framework of two EU-funded projects:EUinDepth: European Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change” (FP7 Marie Curie Actions) and “ProEU: To be European in Russia: pro and contra” (Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Actions), where the latter provides the platform for the conference.

The following key issues will be discussed during the event:

  • current vision of Europe from the perspective of the European and non-European citizens;
  • boundaries of the European civilisation on the contemporary geopolitical map;
  • European values and their evolution;
  • internal and external challenges faced by Europe and its capacity to address them;
  • identification of obstacles and benefits in being European in Russia.

The agenda is avaliable on the following linkhttp://www.ric.vsu.ru/UserFiles/files/events/ISC_agenda_en.docx

The agenda will approach these questions by taking three separable, but connected problematic fields performed by 3 panel sessions: “European Identity: Conceptual and Civilization Aspects”, “European Identity: crisis or challenges?” and “Identity via Education” as well as the roundtable discussion “To be European in Russia: pro and contra”.

The conference provides an opportunity to demonstrate the results of the research that the partners have achieved so far and further collaboration in the framework of the EUinDepth project.
We will be very grateful if you could join in our survey and disseminate the questionnaire among your colleagues. We have received feedbacks from Russia, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Moldova and Ukraine, but there is a need in larger coverage. The questionnaire has been put online in English http://goo.gl/forms/aSIahEF3nc and in Russian http://goo.gl/forms/ckvp01pSVi.

The joint efforts taken on the research and conference as the promising platform for discussion and reflection on European Union issues and processes will boost cross-cultural dialogue and develop mutual understanding between the EU and non-EU countries, and foster the dialogue between the academic world and policy-makers in the context of intercultural communications.
The publication of a collection of essays based on the papers given at the conference is planned.

Venue for this event is Voronezh State University.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact
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