Regional Information Centre
for Scientific and Technological Cooperation with EU

D. 4.5.


Project no. PL 043911

Project acronym: RegionERA


Instrument: FP6 Specific Support Action

Thematic Priority: INCO



Deliverable 4.5.
Report of Advising service

The CBS RIP advising service in the framework of RegionERA project includes:

1. Advising through Internet resources

On-line multifunctional information system for Russian regions and EU scientific and technological cooperation support (hereinafter the Information System) is itself the Internet portal (http://www.ric.vsu.ru/en/) which gives Russian regional researchers the following opportunities:

2. Interaction of Russian regional researchers and European NCPs through the CBS RIP

The CBS RIP carries out the following activities to provide information exchange:

  • collects partner offers from regional researchers for FP7 calls for proposals;
  • posts regularly partner offers of regional researchers to 85 European NCPs and Information Centres as well as to European proposal coordinators found out by the CBS RIP;
  • disseminates information on partner search for European proposal coordinators received from European NCPs and Information Centres among regional researchers interested in participation in FP7;
  • installs brief information and web-links to partner search databases of 44 European NCPs and Information Centres on the CBS RIP web-site;

At the moment the outcomes of collaboration are the following:

  • 11 European NCPs and Information Centres place partner offers received from the CBS RIP in their databases;
  • 40 European NCPs and Information Centres publish partner offers received from the CBS RIP in their newsletters;
  • about 40 European NCPs and Information Centres regularly inform the CBS RIP about search for partners by European coordinators.

Detailed information can be found in Deliverable 2.8.

3. Advising through the CBS RIP Newsletter (calls, grants, conferences)

The CBS RIP prepares and posts a Newsletter (calls for proposals, grants, conferences) in Russian language monthly. Advising is implemented through FP7 part which contains a list of open calls along with translation into Russian made by the CBS RIP staff and a subsection “FP7 aspects” (its title is changeable from topic to topic) devoted to of rules of participation, administrative procedures and legal issues of FP7. The same structure is relevant to other European R&D programmes in case there are open calls whereas FP7 part and a subsection “FP7 aspects” is a permanent unit of the Newsletter. At present a number of Newsletter subscribers exceed 700 applicants. Detailed information can be found in Deliverable 4.3.

It should be mentioned that the CBS RIP Newsletter is disseminated among subscribers acting on behalf of universities, faculties, departments, organizations within their units, besides some of them place the Newsletter on their web-sites. Detailed information can be found in Annex 1 to the report “Dissemination of knowledge”.

4. Advising through e-mail correspondence, telephone or personal meetings

This direction of advising service is very popular among regional researchers because it provides individual approach.

Frequently asked questions are on the following topics:

  1. Administrative procedures and legal issues (e.g. roles and responsibilities of participants in consortium, rights and obligations of participants, project management etc.);
  2. Financial aspects (costs reimbursement);
  3. Intellectual Property Rights aspects;
  4. Partner search.

5. Advising during organized events

14-16.06.2007, Voronezh, Russia

Tree-day training workshop “Creating and management of joint research projects under FP7 and other EU programmes”

It was organized by the CBS RIP in the framework of RegionERA project and conducted by Andrey Girenko, project manager of European Research and Project Office GmbH (EURICE), Germany. 44 delegates of 25 universities and research institutions from the Central Black Soil region and other Russian regions (Rostov-upon-Don, Saratov, Barnaul, Volgograd and Krasnodar) and Ukraine were awarded with Russia-Germany certificates and certificates of skill raising. The participants were granted with a set of electronic and hard copy handouts.

11-12. 12.2007, Voronezh, Russia

The IV Days of European Science in the Central Russia

It was organized by the CBS RIP In the framework of RegionERA project and were targeted to assist Russian researchers to get access to information on participation in the European RTD programmes, joint research consortia and also in search for European partners. There were participated more than 100 leading researchers from 36 universities and research institutions of 14 regions of the central Russia, the South Russia, Volga Region and Bashkortostan.

There were described peculiarities of participation and collaboration with European partners under the following FP7 themes:

  • Food, agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology (Bio NCP, A.N.Bach Biochemistry Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences),
  • Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies (Nanotech NCP, A.V.Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of Russian Academy of Sciences),
  • Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH NCP, Centre for Science Research and Statistics),
  • Information and communication technologies (Russian ICT NCP, State Research Institute of Operational Systems, Moscow)

The following presentation were made:

Presentation on new calls for proposals of the major European research programmes for 2008;

Presentations on Successful FP6 projects.

Individual advising was a part of IV Days agenda on Themes «Biotechnology», «Nanotechnologies», «Socio-economic sciences and humanities», academic mobility programmes.

12.12.2007, Voronezh, Russia

Training workshop «From idea to project»: rules of play for Russian FP7 partners»

It was organized and held by the CBS RIP staff members in the framework of the IV Days of European Science in the Central Russia.

The following presentations were made for all the IV Days participants:


Information on FP7 calls


by Alla Akulshina;

FP7 information package documents. How to cope with


by Anna Kamynina;

European consortia. Partner search


by Elena Pilieva;

FP7: application forms


by Alla Akulshina;

Electronic proposal submission system


by Andrej Ushkov.

All the presentation are in free access on the CBS RIP web-site.

6. Guidelines on participation of Russian regional research community in FP7

The CBS RIP has prepared for publishing the Guidance for Russian Participants in the Seventh EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) in Russian language.

At the moment overall work is finished and it has been sent for printing.

Detailed information can be found in Deliverable 3.2.