Regional Information Centre
for Scientific and Technological Cooperation with EU

D. 2.8.


Project no. PL 043911

Project acronym: RegionERA


Instrument: FP6 Specific Support Action

Thematic Priority: INCO



Deliverable 2.8.

Cooperation Agreements between RIPs, Russian NCPs and

European NCPs in the field of INCO



European National Contact Point (European NCP)

Name (City, country of origin), hereinafter referred to as ___________________

And Russian National Contact Point (Russian NCP)/Regional Information Point (RIP)

Name (City, country of origin), hereinafter referred to as ___________________

both hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Parties",

with the aim to develop cooperation between the Russian Federation and the European Union under the Seventh EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7), to promote participation of Russian scientists in European RTD programmes and to increase efficiency of scientific collaboration between Russian and European scientists under FP7 Theme __________________________

it has been agreed as follows:

  1. Liabilities

The Parties are to

  1. promote joint cooperation of research communities from European NCP country of origin and from the Russian Federation under FP7;
  2. provide each other with access to the relevant databases and information resources of the Parties;
  3. promote establishment and development of direct liaisons between research communities of European NCP country of origin and Russia in the framework of FP7 Theme ________________;
  4. invite each other to conferences, workshops and other events carried out in the field of S/T cooperation under FP7;
  5. collaborate in partner search activities in European NCP country of origin and Russia in order to build research consortia and prepare joint project proposals under FP7 Theme ____________.

3 Specific conditions

  1. The present Agreement has been concluded on _________________ (date) and is to be valid for ______________ (period of validity) and may be prolonged by agreement of the Parties for the next period.
  2. The present Agreement can be cancelled by agreement of the Parties or on the initiative of one of the Parties (in this case the initiator is to inform the other Party about the decision no later than 5 months in advance).
  3. The present Agreement does not presuppose any financial obligations of either side.
  4. The present Agreement will enter into force the moment it has been signed by the Parties.

Head of European NCP

            (signature, stamp)
Head of Russian NCP/RIP

            (signature, stamp)

Collaborative activities with European NCPs

For the first year of project implementation the CBS RIP established collaboration with 85 European NCPs and Information Centres under all FP7 specific programmes and themes (Annex 3).

The CBS RIP carries out the following activities:

  • to collect partner offers from regional researchers for FP7 calls for proposals (at present there is a number of is more than 200);
  • to post regularly partner offers of regional researchers to 85 European NCPs and Information Centres;
  • to disseminate European proposal coordinators partner search information received from European NCPs and Information Centres among regional researchers interested in participation in FP7;
  • to install brief information and web-links to partner search databases of 44 European NCPs and Information Centres on the CBS RIP web-site in a special section «Partner Search Databases» (http://www.ric.vsu.ru/en/partner_search/partner_search_databases) on all the FP7 themes. In this section there are also posted links to CORDIS Partners Service and Ideal-ist, partner search databases of Russian NCPs as well as information on European NCPs and Information Centres which regularly send partner search newsletters to its subscribers;
  • to look for European proposal coordinators under the FP7 calls and topics Russian regional researchers are interested to participate in. The list of FP7 proposal coordinators the CBS RIP has sent profiles of regional researchers can be found in Annex 1;

At the moment the outcomes of collaboration are the following:

  • 11 European NCPs and Information Centres place partner offers received from the CBS RIP in their databases (see examples in Annex 3);
  • 40 European NCPs and Information Centres publish partner offers received from the CBS RIP in their newsletters (see examples in Annex 3);
  • about 40 European NCPs and Information Centres regularly inform the CBS RIP about search for partners by European coordinators.

In Annex 2 there are presented the Russian and European organizations and brief description of their collaboration which was established as a result of the CBS RIP activities. It should be taken into account, that monitoring of partnering is rather difficult as regional and European researchers do not always inform their RIPs and NCPs about expression of interest and further development of collaboration.


CBS RIP has sent profiles of Russian researchers to the following FP7 proposal coordinators

FP7 Cooperation

Specific programme Country Organisation (coordinator) Contact person
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology Austria Oikodrom – The Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability Veronika Prändl-Zika
  Bulgaria AgroBioInstitute Slavtcho Slavov
  Belgium Agrobiopôle wallon Belgium Marie Manguette
  Israel Bactochem Aviv Cahana
  Poland Institute for Land Reclamation and Grassland Farming Edmund Kaca
  Portugal University of Beira Interior Ana Pauls Duarte
  Portugal University of Évora, Department of Rural Engineering José Oliveira Peça
  Turkey TROYKA Ltd. Nuri AKKAŞ
Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies Belgium MEMS Instruments Pierre Carbonnelle
  Czech Republic Institute of Chemical Process fundamentals Gabriela Kuncova
  Israel OSM-Dan Ltd. Sigal Yosef
  Italy Center of Excellence on Innovative Nanostructured Materials, University of Perugia Pietro Di Profio
  Spain ITENE, Packaging Transport and Logistics Research Institute Susana Álvarez Machirant
  Spain CIC BIOMAGUNE Beatriz Navarro
  Switzerland University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) Philippe Corvini
  UK Kodak and the University of Leeds Chris Moore
Environment Austria scan Messtechnik GmbH dr. J. van den Broeke
  Bulgaria National Museum of Natural History, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Pavel Stoev
  Bulgaria Central Laboratory of General Ecology (CLGE), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Georgi Hiebaum
  Czech Republic Šindlar Petra Ronen
  Germany HafenCity University Hamburg Jörg Knieling
  Germany Ecology Ruhr-Universität Bochum Andreas Borgmann
  Greece National Observatory of Athens/GEO office Christia Eleni
  Greece Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens Constantin Tamvakopoulos
  Hungary ELTE Cooperative Research Centre of Environmental Sciences (CRCES) Csaba Szabó
  Hungary Forest Research Institute KURUCZ György
  Israel Blue I (Israeli SME) Gadi Ilan
  Israel Daren Laboratories Steve Daren
  Italy Dept of Earth Sciences
University of Naples Federico II
Tommaso De Pippo
  Poland Wroclaw University Of Environmental and Life Sciences, Institute of Environmental Engineering Stanisław Czaban
  Poland Institute of Meteorology and Water Management Wroclaw Branch (IMGW Wroclaw Branch) Ewa Mlostek
  Poland Faculty of Environmental
Engineering, Lublin University of Technology;
Henryk Sobczuk
  Portugal APA – Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente / DPEA – Department for
Environmental Politicies and Strategies
Regina Vilão
  Portugal CEIFA ambiente, Lda. João Caixinhas
  Portugal CITAB _ Centro de Investigação em Tecnologias Agro-Ambientais e Biológicas Rui Cortes
  Romania Romanian SME – DENDRO- PROIECT S.R.L Liviu Nastasa
  Romania Romanian SME – SC IPA SA Virgil Olaru
  Serbia University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology Biljana Škrbić
  Slovakia Water Research Institute Luboslav Gajdos
  Spain Universitat de Girona (UDG) Lluis Corominas
  The Netherlands Bioclear b.v. Inez Dinkla
  Turkey TUBİTAK Tamer ÖZALP
Socioeconomic Sciences and Humanities Turkey MATPUM (Faculty of Architecture Research, Design, Planning and Implementation Centre) of Middle East Technical University (METU)  
  Turkey Dokuz Eylul University European Community and International Economic Relations Research Center- ATMER Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oğul ZENGİNGÖNÜL
  Spain The Fundación Insula Barataria Miguel Angel Ayllón
  Serbia Institute of social sciences Dragana Ilic, Marijana Maksimovic, PhD
  Serbia Faculty of Philosophy Nis Department of psychology Jelisaveta Todorovic


Cooperation established between the following

Russian and European rganizations

(April, 2008)

Russian organisation European organisation Brief description
1. Voronezh State University, Central Black Soil Regional Information Point for S&T cooperation with the EU (CBS RIP) (Russia) Consortium:
  1. (Coordinator) Universita Ca’ Foscari di Venezia IDEAS (Italy);

  2. Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (APRE) (Italy);

  3. Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas FORTH (Greece);

  4. Kassel University OWWZ (Germany);

  5. Voronezh State University, Central Black Soil Regional Information Point for S&T cooperation with the EU (CBS RIP) (Russia);

  6. Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation SUTR, Sochi (Russia);

  7. Siberian Information & Consulting Centre at the Presidium of Siberian Branch of Russian, Academy of Sciences, SICC Siberia (Russia);

  8. Arkhangelsk Technical State University (ASTU), Arkhangelsk (Russia);

  9. State Institution Caspian Marine, Scientific Research Center (KaspMNIZ), Astrakhan (Russia);

Submitted proposal:

Title: European Union and Russia Link for S&T co-operation in the area of the environment
Acronym E-URAL

FP7 Cooperation Programme
Theme 6– Environment
Type of funding scheme: CSA (Supporting type)
Call: FP7-ENV-2008-1

Work programme topic addressed: ENV.2008. Research excellence and major infrastructure in Russia and potential for S&T co-operation with EU partners in the area of the environment
2. Voronezh State University, Central Black Soil Regional Information Point for S&T cooperation with the EU (CBS RIP) (Russia) Consortium:
  1. Voronezh State University, Central Black Soil Regional Information
    Point for S&T cooperation with the EU (CBS RIP) (Russia);
  2. Universitat Kassel, Ost-West Wissenschaftszentrum Germany (OWWZ) (Germany);

  3. Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE) (INCO NCP and IRC) (Italy);

  4. Federal Agency for Science and Innovations of the Russian Federation (FASI) (Russia)

  5. Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Ecological Problems (USRIEP) (Ukraine);

  6. A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution;

  7. Russian Academy of Sciences (SIEE RAS) (Russia)

Submitted proposal:
Title: Developing and reinforcing EU-Russia-Ukraine strategic S&T dialogues and partnerships on environmental issues
Acronym ECO-BI

FP7 Capacities Programme
Bilateral cooperation
Call: FP7-INCO-2007-2
3. Voronezh State University, Geo-ecology and Environmental Monitoring department

Prof. Semion Kurolap

Kassel University

Prof. Gerd Katzschner
Prof. Katzschner’s three-day-long visit to Voronezh State University in March, 2008 with the aim to determine the way of the further cooperation with Prof. Kurolap.
4. Voronezh State University, Department of Analytical and Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology of Biology and Soil Science Faculty

Prof. Tatiana Popova
  1. Jagiellonian University Medical College Faculty of Farmacy (Poland),

  2. University of Extremadura, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences (Spain),

  3. Biomolecular Chemistry Institute of CNR (Italy)
There was established collaboration with further joint proposal writing and submitting envisaged
5. Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering, Faculty of forest cultures and selection

Dr. Igor Isakov

Victoria Nikiforova
Submitted proposal:
Title: Eco-chemicals from organic wastes for sustainable land-use

FP7 Cooperation Programme Theme 2 – Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology, Call 2B Type of funding scheme: SCP – SICA (Russia)

Work programme topic addressed: KBBE-2008-3-3-01 (SICA)

Coordinator – Victoria Nikiforova (Germany).
Number of partners – 8 organisations from Germany, Finland, Italy, Russia and Ukraine.
6. Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering, Chemistry Chair

Prof. Larissa Belchinskaya

Victoria Nikiforova
Offers of East-West-Science-Centre to create joint research group forest genetics research with Prof. Vinkeldi from Gottingen University.
7. N.N. Burdenko Voronezh state medical academy

Prof. Vladimir Zoloedov

Maccabi Institute for Health Services Research

Bracha Ehrman
A proposal was prepared, but not submitted under:
FP7 Cooperation Programme
Theme 1 – HEALTH
Type of funding scheme: Small or medium-scale focused research projects (Russia)

Work programme topic addressed: HEALTH-2007-3.5-1 (SICA)
8. Belgorod State University

Prof. Marina Fyodorova
9. Belgorod State Agricultural Academy, Center of biotechnological research

Dr. Tamara Oliva

Agrobiopole Wallon

Marie Manguette
Joint participation in project for promoting mobility among scientists in biotechnology
10. Tambov State University,
Center«Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials»

Prof. Yuri Golovin

Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT

Dr. Simone Krause, Dr. Jan Blomer
Submitted proposal:
Title: “Modelling of micro structural evolution under work conditions and in materials processing”
Thema “Tribologie von Polymeren”
Acronym: MSTriboSim

Theme 4 – NMP – Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies,
NMP-2008-2.5-2 Modelling of interfaces for high performance materials design (Small or medium-scale focused research projects)
11. Tambov State Technical University

Dr. Dmitri Muromtsev
Zila ElektroniK (Germany),

Zeynep Ince (Turkey)
There was established cooperation with further joint proposal writing and submitting envisaged
12. Open Company «Ecological technologies» (Penza region)

Vladimir Bararajkin

Central Science Laboratory

Christine Henry
A proposal was prepared, but not submitted under:
FP7 Cooperation Programme
Theme 2 – Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology, Call 2B


CBS RIP established cooperation with the following Russian and European organisations

Country Organization Web-site National contact points (NCPs) Profiles of Russian researchers, collected by the CBS RIP, are regularly sent to the following organizations Profiles of Russian researchers, collected by the CBS RIP, are regularly placed on the web-sites of the following organizations Profiles of Russian researchers, collected by the CBS RIP, are regularly sent to the interested parties by the following organizations Organization web-site link placed on the CBS RIP web-site
1. Russia National coordinator NCP(Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation) http://www.mon.gov.ru/          
2.   Health NCP(Lomonosov Moscow State University) http://www.fp7-health.ru/          
3.   ICT NCP(Institute of operating systems) http://www.russia-it.org          
4.   NANOTECH NCP(A.V.Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of Russian Academy of Sciences) http://www.ncp-nanotech.ru/          
5.   BIO NCP(A.N.Bakh Institute of Biochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences) http://www.fp7-bio.ru/          
6.   Energy NCP(ANO "RUSDEM-Energoeffect") http://www.fp7-energy.ru/          
7.   SSH NCP(Center for Science Research and Statistics) http://fp7.csrs.ru/          
8.   Mobility NCP(The State University - Higher School of Economics) http://new.hse.ru/sites/international_mobil/default.aspx          
9.   Environment NCP(Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences)            
1. Germany Ost-West-Wissenschaftszentrum http://www.owwz.de/          
2.   EU-Büro des BMBF http://www.eubuero.de/erc          
3.   NKS Lebenswissenschaften http://www.nks-lebenswissenschaften.de          
4.   NKS Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien http://www.nks-ikt.de          
5.   NKS Mikrosystemtechnik http://www.nks-mst.de/          
6.   NKS Werkstoffe(FZ-Jülich, PtJ - Neue Materialien und Chemie) http://www.nks-werkstoffe.de     Example: http://www.fz-juelich.de/ptj/index.php?index=444    
7.   NKS Produktion(FZ-Karlsruhe, PT-Produktion und Fertigungstechnik) http://www.fzk.de/pft/ncp          
8.   NKS Nanotechnologie(VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH) http://www.vditz.de/nks          
9.   NKS Sicherheitsforschung(VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH) http://www.vditz.de/nks          
10.   NKS Energie(FZ-Jülich, PtJ) http://www.nks-energie.de          
11.   NKS-Netzwerk Umwelt(FZ-Jülich, PtJ Geschäftsbereich UMW) http://www.nks-umwelt.de          
12.   NKS Sozial-, Wirtschaft- und Geisteswissenschaften(PT-DLR, EU-Büro des BMBF) http://www.nks-swg.de     Example: http://www.eubuero.de/arbeitsbereiche/swg/partnergesuche    
13.   NKS Schifffahrt und Meerestechnik(FZ-Jülich, PT Schifffahrt und Meerestechnik) http://www.fz-juelich.de/ptj/schifffahrt          
14.   KoWi(Koordinirungsstelle EG der Wissenschaftsorganisationen) http://www.kowi.de          
15. Austria Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft http://www.ffg.at          
16. Belguim The Brussels Enterprise Agency http://bea.ecomready.com/ NCP Health        
17.       NCP Nano        
18.       NCP Bio        
19.       NCP Environment        
20.   NCP Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique - FNRS http://www.ncp.fnrs.be/          
21.   NCP Wallonie http://www.ncpwallonie.be/          
22.   IWTInstitute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders http://www.europrogs.be/KP7          
23. Bulgaria Ministry of Education and Science Scientific Research http://www.europrogs.be/KP7 http://www.iwt.be NCP Environment(Scientific Research Department)        
24.   Bulgarian Academy of Sciences   NCP Bio(Institute of Molecular Biology)        
25.       NCP ICT(Institute for Parallel Processing)        
26.       NCP Energy(Central laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources)        
27.       NCP Environment(Central Laboratory of General Ecology)        
28.       NCP SSH(Institute of sociology)        
29.   State Agency for Information Technology and Communications            
30.   Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski”, Physics Department            
31.   Geography faculty, Sofia University “St.Kl.Ohridski            
32.   University of chemical technology and metallurgy            
33. Ireland Environmental Protection Agency http://www.epa.ie/          
34. Israel ISERD- Israeli Directorate for EU Framework Programme http://www.iserd.org.il/ Health NCP        
35.       Bio NCP   Example: http://www.iserd.org.il/images/public/Cooperations/Food_Agri_Biotech/Documents/PS/EU/Russia_Bararajkin.doc    
36.       Environment NCP        
37.       ICT NCP        
38.       Nano NCP        
39. Greece Bionova http://www.ncp-bionova.gr/          
40.   PRAXIS/HELP FORWARD http://www.help-forward.gr/          
41.   National documentation centre http://www.ekt.gr/          
42.   Centre for Research & Tecnology (CERTH) http://www.certh.gr/          
43. The Netherlands SenterNovem http://www.senternovem.nl/ Bio NCP        
44.     http://www.senternovem.nl/ Environment NCP        
45.     http://www.senternovem.nl/ Health NCP        
46. Italy APRE, Agency for the Promotion of European Research http://www.apre.it Bio NCP        
47.       Environment NCP        
48.       Health NCP        
49.       Nano NCP        
50.       INCO NCP        
51. Great Britain FP7 UK http://www.fp7uk.co.uk/ Bio NCP
52.       Environment NCP        
53.       INCO NCP        
54.   Betatechnology Ltd. http://www.betatechnology.co.uk       Example: http://www.ric.vsu.ru/UserFiles/Feb%20ed_Betatechnology_2008.pdf  
55. Denmark EuroCenter http://www.eurocenter.info/ Bio NCP        
56. Spain Health NCP(Instituto de Salud Carlos III) http://www.centrorecursos.com/ Bio NCP        
57.   The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, Department of International cooperation http://www.cdti.es/ Bio NCP        
58.       Health NCP        
59. Czech Technology Centre AS CR, National Information Centre for European Research http://www.tc.cz/national-information-centre-for-european-research/ http://www.fp7.cz/cz/nicer/ ICT NCP        
60.       Health NCP        
61.       Bio NCP        
62.       Environment NCP        
63.       Nano NCP        
64. Slovakia Slovak Research and Development Agency http://www.apvv.sk/rkb.php          
65. Switzerland Euresearch http://www.euresearch.ch Bio NCP        
66.       Environment NCP        
67.       Energy NCP        
68.       Nano NCP        
69.       ICT NCP        
70. Finland Tekes - Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation European Operations http://www.tekes.fi/ ICT NCP        
71.       Bio NCP        
72.       Nano NCP        
73.       Environment NCP        
74. France UBIFRANCE http://www.ubifrance.fr ICT NCP        
75.   EUROSFAIRE http://www.eurosfaire.prd.fr ICT NCP   Example: http://www.eurosfaire.prd.fr/news/consulter.php?id=1562    
76.   CEA - Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique            
77.   ADEME - Agence de l'environnement et de la maîtrise de l'énergie            
78. Hungary National Office for Research and Technology http://www.nkth.gov.hu/ Nano NCP        
79.       Energy NCP, Environment NCP        
80.       SSH NCP        
81. Lithuania Agency for International Science and Technology Development Programmes http://www.tpa.lt Nano NCP        
82. Malta Malta Council for Science and Technology http://www.mcst.org.mt       http://www.mcst.org.mt/files/uploaded/FP7ENERGYPartnerSearchesandoffersforcollaboration.doc http://www.mcst.org.mt/files/uploaded/FP7ENVPartnerSearchesandoffersforcollaboration.doc  
83. Poland The Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS http://www.kpk.gov.pl Health NCP, Bio NCP   Example: http://www.kpk.gov.pl/7pr/pp/i.html?id=1173%20%2801/02/2008%29    
84.       INCO NCP        
85. Rumania National Authority for Scientific Research http://www.mct.ro Health NCP