Regional Information Centre
for Scientific and Technological Cooperation with EU

D. 2.6.


Project no. PL 043911

Project acronym: RegionERA


Instrument: FP6 Specific Support Action

Thematic Priority: INCO



Deliverable 2.6. Regulations and work programmes of new RIPs databases




I. The main points

1.1. The Regional Information Point for S&T cooperation with the EU, hereinafter RIP, was established in _________________________(university, research organization etc.).

Location – _____________ (legal and actual addresses).

1.2 The RIP is aimed at developing cooperation between Russian regional and European universities and research organisations in FP7 and the other European RTD programmes.

1.3. The RIP acts with regard of the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF, “Guiding principles for setting up systems of National Contact Points” of the European Commission (12 December 2007) and on the basis of current Regulations.

1.4. The RIP activities are implemented on the basis of scientific, information, equipment and facilities and human resources of the organisation it is established in.

II. The main objectives

The RIP objectives are to promote cooperation between Russian regional and European universities and research organisations, to raise awareness and advise potential Russian regional participants of the Seventh EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) and the other European RTD programmes.

III. The RIP basic principles of its activities implementation

  • Competence in general and specific information on FP7 and other Community RTD programmes;
  • High level of the RIP functions implementation and service;
  • Collaborating with European organisations (research community, NCPs, the European Commission), the RIP contributes to the realization of European Research Area as well as represents Russian national interests in trans-national NCP network activities and interests of Russian participants of collaborative projects, acting with complete confidentiality in respect of information which has become known to the RIP as part of advisory activities towards clients.

IV. The RIP functions

In order to reach the overall objectives, the RIP got the following functions:

4.1. to disseminate among Russian regional scientific community general and specific information on FP7, other European RTD programmes (CIP, Eureka, COST etc.), including current and forthcoming calls, rules of participation, possibilities and conditions for submission of proposals;

4.2. to create and maintain the RIP web-site (information on FP7 and other European RTD programmes, CBS RIP and NCPs activities etc.) as well as relevant on-line databases on scientific and technological potential and partner offers of universities and research organisations of the RF region;

4.3. to search for potential partners both European and Russian regional for joint proposals writing;

4.4. to organise promotion activities such as info-days, conferences, training seminars, web-site and newsletters;

4.5. to participate in info-days and other events on the issues of participation in FP7, organised by the European Commission and Russian NCPs;

4.6. to advise potential Russian participants on the issues, related to FP7, such as rules of participation in FP7 projects for Russian research organisations, on administrative procedures and legal issues (e.g. role and responsibilities of participants in a consortium, financial and ethical rules etc);

4.7. to prepare methodical materials and recommendations on the issues of participation in FP7 as well as publish them and/or place on the RIP web-site;

4.8. to collaborate with the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF, the European Commission Directorates, European and Russian NCPs, Russian Regional Contact Points including preparation of analytic materials and statistical data on the issues of regional research organisations participation in FP7 in order to present them to the interested ministries, authorities, Russian Academy of Science and for dissemination it in national NCP network as information exchange.

V. The RIP administration

5.1. The RIP administration is implemented in compliance with the Regulations of the directing organisation and current Regulations.

Work programme of new RIPs

for the period of project implementation

  • To set up Regional Information Point for scientific and technological cooperation with the EU;
  • To disseminate information on FP7 in the region;
  • To post the RIP newsletter;
  • To create a unit devoted to FP7 on RIP web-site;
  • To identify research teams working in the field of FP7 Themes in their region;
  • To collect partner offers of the regional scientists for including them into the CBS RIP databases “Project proposals of regional scientists for participation in FP7” and “Research in biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food”;
  • To advise the regional scientists on the issues of participation in European research programmes, project management and search for European partners;
  • To train regional scientists in rules of proposal writing for participation in FP7 and EU programmes;
  • To assist the regional scientists in search for European partners for joint participation in FP7;
  • To take part in events held by the CBS RIP in the framework of this project;
  • To take part in information days and workshops held by Russian NCPs;
  • To carry out infodays/workshops on FP7 in the regions in association with the CBS RIP and Russian NCPs
  • To take part in trip to Kassel, Germany in order to study expertise of Science Centre «East - West» and German system for information and consulting provision of participation in FP7
  • To take part in coordinating meetings of the project in October 2007 and May 2008;
  • To provide information on the work done for including it in the periodic and final reports