Regional Information Centre
for Scientific and Technological Cooperation with EU


Regional Information Centre for
Scientific and Technological Cooperation
with the European Union (Voronezh RIC),
Voronezh State University, Russia

Regional Information Centre for S&T Cooperation with EU was designated as the national infrastructure regional element for support of Russia-EU cooperation by the Ministry of Education and Science in 2005.

Our mission:
Opening up scientific potential of Russian regions to a competitive joint European Research Area and strengthening the Russian participation in international R&D programmes on the principle of mutual benefit

Voronezh RIC is a beacon for Russian
researchers in European R&D programmes
and a facilitator for their participation in FP7


  • Our clients are more than 170 Russian regional universities and research institutions
  • More than 300 partner offers of joint participation FP7 calls from Russian regional researchers are available in our searchable database (http://www.ric.vsu.ru/en/partner_search_form/)

Our staff are experts at FP7 plus have additional experiences
in collaborating with European and international research, education and infrastructure institutions. We carries out projects of Russian Ministry of Education and Science and other Russian
scientific foundations

Our debut in FPs was in 2006 and by the current time we are
The coordinator of FP6 RegionERA project (INCO-SSA «Regional Network for Support of S&T Cooperation between European Union and Russian Regions»)
The key Russian partner of FP7 project E-URAL “European Union and Russia Link for S&T co-operation in the area of the Environment”

Russia has considerable RTD potential for FP7 but little recent tradition in participation in FPs.
Thus the total number of research institutions is 3622 while 2468 Research organizations are located in regions and only 1154 Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
However the statistics show that 273 Russian organizations took part in 330 FP6 projects where 227 of them are from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and only 46 – from Russian regions.



B r o a d    s p e c t r u m    o f    o u r    s e r v i c e s :



Awareness raising and information provision

  • Guidelines on FP7 for Russian participants in Russian language. It is the first original step-by-step-approach-oriented edition tailor-made for Russian potential participants
  • Russia and the EU: Prospects of creating common space of research and education: proceedings of the international scientific conference (two volumes)
  • Reference book “International, regional and national organizations, foundations and programmes”
  • Monthly RIC Newsletter and daily e-alerts for regional scientists




Advising and Coaching

  • Regular training and information events (targeted workshops and presentations of European and Russian S&T programmes) as well as annual Info Days of International Education and Science in Central Russia
  • International scientific conferences Russia and EU: Prospects of Creating Common Space of Research and Education
  • Targeted master classes and lectures on particular FP7 area
  • Personal advising on the whole range of participation issues


V o r o n e z h    R IC    i s    a l w a y s    a t    a r m s    l e n g t h

International networking and assistance in consortium building

  • Information interaction (distribution of Russian partner offers to 85 European NCPs and Information Centres)
  • web-links to partner search databases of 44 European NCPs and Information Centres on our web-site
  • 11 European NCPs and Information Centres place our partner offers in their databases
  • 40 European NCPs and Information Centres publish our partner offers in their newsletters
  • about 40 European NCPs and Information Centres regularly inform us about search for partners by European coordinators
  •  Individual partner search with tailor-made approach
  • Assistance in profile designing
  • Promoting involvement in European consortia




You are welcome:

  • To look up Russian partners through searchable database
  • To participate in our international events and meet Russian colleagues
  • To promote your web-resource on our web-site
  • To get advice on any issue connected with Russian participation
  • To send request for newsletter with profiles and partner offers of Russian researchers
  • To send request for individual search for Russian partners with specific research competence
  • To deliver your information for dissemination among Russian regional community







We are happy to become your reliable partner under your initiatives!

Contact information
Head of the Voronezh RIC – Dr. Alla Akulshina

Regional Information Centre
for Scientific and Technological
Cooperation with the European Union
(Voronezh RIC)
Voronezh State University

room 478a, 1, Universitetskaya square, Voronezh,
394006, Russian Federation


Tel./fax: +7 (473) 220-75-26
Tel.: +7 (473) 222-70-37

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